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Our coffee comes from locally owned Resilient Coffee Roasters.

The coffee we use is sourced from around the globe and small batch roasted locally in Tri-Cities. Our coffee roaster has been raising the bar locally and getting better everyday. They cup every roast we purchase to ensure the people of Eastern Washington are getting what they deserve; exceptional coffee prepared by dedicated professionals.

The coffees we carry are available by the bag in our coffee houses located on Gway in Richland or Rd68 in Pasco. Or online 24hours a day at www.resilientcoffeeroasters.com

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Pasco, Wa. Rd68
7204 Burden Blvd.
hours: M-S 5am - 9pm --- Sun. 6am-8pm

Pasco, Wa. 20th Ave.
2525 N. 20th Ave.
hours: M-F 5:30am - 7pm,
Sat. - Sun.7am - 5pm

Richland, Wa. Gway
496 George Washington Way
hours: M-S 5:30am - 9pm  --- Sunday 7am - 8pm

Kennewick, Wa. CCBlvd 
2000 N. Columbia Center
hours: M-F. 5:30am - 6pm
Sat. 7am - 6pm
Sun. 7am - 5pm

West Richland, Wa.
4033 West Van Giesen St.
hours: M-S 5am - 6pm --- Sun. 6am-5pm

Kennewick, Wa. Southridge
4898 Hilderbrand Blvd.
hours: M-S 5am - 7pm --- Sun. 6am-5pm

more locations to come in 2015

who we are

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We are a local coffee company in Tri-Cities, WA. We are coffee connoisseurs, coffee enthusiast, and coffee professionals. Roasters Coffee was dreamed up and born in the heart of the Tri-Cities, Wa. in April 2009

We are a crew of young, energetic visionaries, it begins with vision and ends with creation. We're always evolving, changing, growing, and learning...that will never end, gloriously.

What started as a small coffee drive up shop back in 2009 has evolved into a thriving specialty coffee company. Roasters does not only add diversity to the community we're part of but the people that call Roasters their home are changed forever.

local coffee, continually evolving

the evolving testimony of coffee is a fascinating story. From the hard working farmers to the energetic baristas, coffee plays a huge part in all our lives. At Roasters we are convicted by the continual changing world that contains the use of coffee. While most in our culture believe coffee is just a pick me up on the way to work we believe it's much much more. The history of coffee, it's source, it's constant change, and it's amazing ability to satisfy us daily has become our passion.

We might be a bit progressive in our stance as coffee professionals but we believe coffee deserves a higher place in our lives. Not elevated to become idolatry but elevated to become culinary. It's more than just a commodity that we pay the least amount for and expect to get the best. Good, high quality coffee is expensive and for a good reason. We pay top dollar for the best coffee cherries, picked at the perfect time, and grown at altitudes over 4500ft throughout the best growing regions in the world.

We've purchased and use the best equipment man can make to roast and brew these coffees so you get the best most perfect espresso possible with today's latest technologies. We've moved away from the fast food coffee mentality as much as possible and are moving toward the highest quality, most highly sourced coffee in our time.

Roasters has evolved, it's true. It's evolved for the better. We've seen our coffee get better (yes, coffee can get better) and our core group of visionaries grow in the last 5+ years of our existence. We are growing in knowledge and wisdom within the industry and we will never stop improving, growing, and moving forward to bring the best coffees in the world to the fine people of Tri-Cities.

We're always looking for quality people.

Do you want to work with exceptional coffee, be a part of great team of people, and be involved with a thriving local business? If so, we'd love to meet you. The best and only way to join our team is to stop into any one of our locations and drop off a resume. If you truly want to be part of Roasters it's all about persistence and desire. We only give opportunity to those that show interest in making Roasters better, bring quality service and coffee to the people of Tri-Cities, and show desire to grow better as people with purpose and passion. If that describes you, we'd like to have you be part of our company.

You can also contact us at 509-492-0212 or email us at info@roasterscoffee.net